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Have you read the news that the student activists are sentenced to jail after the win of the government’s appeal? If not, go to and find out how advanced our government is. Nice column here:

Yes, admit it. Hong Kong is no longer the place you once knew.

From the hint of this news, you know that the legal system might not be totally independent, which actually also need to consult the government, oh actually it might be the PRC. Yes yes, Hong Kong is somehow no longer a place which everybody is equal in front of the law.

Sentencing the activists to prison is a “good” way for youngsters to learn a lesson – to learn that you are born to live under the shadows of the old and greedy and well-established corporation, which will never ever accept any innovation or creative destruction. Yes, yes and yes, it means that you should not have or create any hope that you can change the political or economical environments – you cannot bring any creations into the institution because they just want to secure their money and enlarge the disparity, and they are afraid of your creativity.

Hawker in Central

Some people said that “Well, the kids deserve it”. Well, for me, it’s not about the duration of being stucked in the jail. Come on, they are descent human beings and know the consequences. It’s about we are losing the system that made the prosperous Hong Kong. Why the hell did the government apply for an appeal? It’s because it’s an order or you just want to bribe your boss? Anyway.

What I see is, it’s just a tip of iceberg of inequality, frightening of creative destruction and all the crucial causes that create the disparity. Do not neglect the opportunity to stand against these. Cherish the fact that you still have a choice to fight for it.

Well, the case of these three kids may well be a turning point in this game….

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