Aug 2017 Protest in HK - Crowd

Last Sunday, despite the burning temperature, thousands of citizens came out and protest for our legal system and the authentic universal suffrage, urging to release the student activists, as well as a lot of other reasons.

Aug 2017 Protest in HK - Crowd and crowd

Why did the massive crowd come out for the protest?

It has been a long time such a massive crowd to join the protest. After the Umbrella Movement, numerous of pro democracy parties couldn’t draw a common goal of the future democratic movement of Hong Kong. Internal fights between the pro democracy parties kept growing. That’s part of the reason why people felt numb or became ignorant to the politics of Hong Kong. Because we felt like the hope was fading away.

Yet, what the court did completely lightened up the anger of most of the Hong Kongers. The legal system we are so proud of seems to be misused as a tool to for the government to punish the activists. The legal system sounds like it’s no longer be independent of the legislative system and the administrative system.

We all know that a fair, independent and uncorrupted legal system is the foundation of the growth of a country or city. Well, it sounds being disrupted.

People are so disappointed on the government. Protesting seems to be the only option to express our frustration and will to fight.

Aug 2017 Protest in HK - Yellow Umbrella

During the demonstration, I saw a mix of different age groups — kids, teenagers, middle ages and the elderly. There was a mix of feelings. On one hand, I was happy to see how people were united together for one goal. But, the goal is to against the administration or the current situation of Hong Kong. How ironic is it!

What I am looking forward is, some concrete plan for our future democracy or political situation will be drawn. People will participate more activity like it in the future to show Beijing and Hong Kong that we are ready to follow the real “One Country, Two System”. Democracy or the authentic universal suffrage can actually happen in this system.

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