Wedding is exceptionally important to Sri Lankans. Wedding photos is a vital matter for all the couples who are about to get married. People always have a rooted perception that wedding photos at Sri Lanka must be crazily cheezy. Well, after looking at the photos below, you could totally prove it wrong.




What makes it so fabulous? Here are several reasons I guess:

  1. The underrated skills of Sri Lankan photographers. They are indeed super professional. Above all, they will just entirely fulfill all your requests.
  2. The colorful wedding gowns and suits make the atmosphere even more magical! The color contrast automatically tunes up the wedding photos.
  3. The facial features of Sri Lankan are absolutelly stunning! Big eyes, straight nose, wavy hair slightly tanned skin tone. These facial features just naturally leverage the wedding photos.
  4. The traditional Sri Lankan dance and decorations totally provide the most exotic experience you could never imagine! Look at the video below and you will find the amazing performance.


  1. 斯里蘭卡的攝影師的技術是絕對不忽視!上天下海訓哂身都幫你影靚相!
  2. 傳統的婚紗服裝令到整個氣氛更添神奇。服式上顏色的對比和閃閃的裝飾,自自然然地把照片的對比大大提升!
  3. 你就是不得不羨慕斯里蘭卡人的面部輪廓。所有的斯里蘭卡人,尤其是女生們,都有著大大的眼睛、高而筆直的鼻子、豐盛的波浪髮型和健康的蜜糖膚色,很羨慕吧!這些面部輪廓令相片更給睛。

  4. 傳統的斯里蘭卡舞蹈和婚禮佈置帶給你最富異國風情的經歷!看看下面的短片,你就會發現照裡的異國原素為何那麼吸引。

Fun fact: I don’t really understand why they love taking photos in a diagonal way. Just like below.



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